G860 vs. G2120

I am making a budget build and don't know which processor to get, the G860 Pentium or G2120 Pentium. Its about a 30 dollar price difference from Amazon where I'm buying. Is the G2120 worth the 30$ extra dollars? Im also getting an XFX HD 7750 GPU. Should I upgrade that to an HD 7770. Im not that serious just some unserious youtube video editing in adobe and vegas and games like Minecraft, Skyrim, L4d2 and amnesia. :D
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  1. Well, the Pentium G2120 is a little bit faster and allows you to use faster RAM. It's not the biggest difference though, so $30 more is a bit much. For things like Skyrim though, the more processor the better. Incidentally, a HD 7770 might also be better for Skyrim.
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