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6970 Xfire = Nvidia Single Card Solution

I have two Sapphire 6970s. Would like to make the switch to Nvidia. I could look up the benchmarks and make the descision on my own, but I have to go to work today and would like to ask the community here the answer to this question:

What single Nvidia card matches (possibly surpasses) the performance of a 6970 crossfire setup?

I was thinking the GTX 690. But what about the GTX 590? A bit cheaper and leaves open the possibility for unstoppable SLI. Crossfire driver support just ain't cuttin it for me.

Many thanks,

NOTE: 1980 X 1050 resolution
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  1. I still consider the gtx670 in SLI.I dont think there is really a single card that can tackle 6970cf with the exception of 690.
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    If it has to be a single card, only the 690 beats it. The 590 is pretty equal with the 6990, which is slightly slower than your 6970's.
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