My computer is in the end of his life?

3 days ago my computer was working perfectly fine. but then one morning it just started to freeze, sometimes doesn't want to boot, it makes reboot sounds when i turn it on, sometimes it doesn't make any sound at the start and it just doesn't boot, sometimes it works well for a random time, sometimes 1 hour sometimes two or sometimes its just unable to work, my power core fan broke like 1 week ago and i though that maybe that was the problem, but the temperature of the computer is always 49C so it cant be that, i though that maybe i have some kind of virus but i don't know if formatting will help


amd 64 athlon sempron 2800+
1.6 GHz 2.00 GB of RAM
Motherboard MSI K9VGM-V model MS-7253
Video Card NVIDIA 8400 GS
and that is all i know about it, if someone could tell me if Formatting will work or its just something External?
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  1. I'm going to venture here that your power supply unit is the issue. It has it's own cooling requirements and likely without a working fan, it cannot perform well anymore. A replacement PSU can be obtained for about $50 - a tad bit cheaper than replacing a computer. Depending on your case size, I might suggest something like the Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D seen here
    Hope it helps
  2. hmm the fan was working poorly since a few weeks ago, im about to change it but i want to make sure that im not changing it for a dead computer if you know what i mean, also i already checked that the temperature is not a problem.
  3. One way to test if it is the power supply overheating within is to blow a fan into the PSU while the computer is running (if you can run with the door off). If it doesn't act strange when you do that, likely the fan being broken is the issue. Note that until very recently, fanless PSU's were virtually unheard of and they are still a premium item. Also, it may be helpful to give the inside of the PC a good cleaning here.
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