Looking to Upgrade(?) 775 cpu

Hi, from reading the title alone you should know I am running old hardware but I'm not exactly looking to upgrade to an entirely new PC, for a few reasons mainly because I have a 17'' high spec mac book for school and just don't need a high end desktop right now. I'm actually looking to get a quad-core 775 CPU for my current rig. But I do have a few precautions. 1) I'd like the quad-core to be at least 2.8GHz+ as my motherboard doesn't allow me to overclock 2) it isn't a must but It'd be nice if the chip was 45nm as my current one is and temps are good 3) if there's any that are incompatible with my motherboard if you could list them. Thank you and I'd really appreciate any advice/suggestions =)

Current rig
Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0Ghz
8gb's kingston DDR2 800mhz
Intel DG43GT Mobo
EVGA Nvidia GTX 460 1GB
Intel 120gb SSD
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    Here's the compatibility list for that board:

    Based on your stated requirements, the only ones that are compatible that fit what you want are the Q9505, Q9550, Q9550S, and Q9650.
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