System & NT Kernal Affecting CPU Usage

Every minute, my cpu usage would spike up to 2% even though it just used to sit at 0%. Any ideas? Superfetch & windows search is disabled since im running a 256 gb SSD
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  1. What process is spiking? That would help us figure out where your problem might be. It sounds like a background process taking up some CPU time. Check task manager and see if you can nail down what it using it.
  2. System. NT Kernal is the description. I'm not entirely sure what thread is spiking though..
  3. 2% is just noise. No CPU is going to give perfectly flat performance, even just sitting at a desktop.
  4. The reason i ask is because I didn't have any problems the day before yesterday. First i found out the problem was uTorrent appdata so i deleted the folder and it went away. Then i installed the nvidia 310.54 beta drivers for blops2 and its back again
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