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I am close to completing my final build for a new gaming PC and I would like to double check if this computer will be good for what I have in mind.

Uses (In order of importance): Gaming (Highest settings for games like Battlefield 3, Skyrim, etc.); Recording, Editing, and Rendering videos; browsing the internet; watching movies/videos; listening to music

Computer build:

I also want the build to last a few years and be open to upgrades.

Any suggestions for a monitor for my computer (with 1920x1080 resolution) and a speaker system would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. ASUS VH236H Black 23" 2ms Full HD Widescreen LCD Monitor w/ Speakers 300 cd/m2 20000 :1 (ASCR)
    $169.99 and a $20 rebate makes the final price $149.99. Free shipping

    This monitor has builtin speakers and would help you make do so you could save and get a good decent set of speakers.
    The build that you put together looks good and so does the monitor which has a $30 promo code that ends today so if you wanted to take advantage of that you would have to pull the trigger pretty soon.
  2. But are all the parts compatible? I'm not an expert at building computers yet :sweat:

    Edit: okay thanks then, I will check out all of you're recommendations and yeah I'll have to act fast to take be able to take advantage of all the deals !
  3. so does the vs238h-p. the vs series is a LED backlit version of the vh series minus all the bulk. just remember that the vh236h at max uses 55w
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    Yes all the parts are compatable and will work well together.
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