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Will a 7950 HIS ICEQ x2 fit in my HAF 922?

The title says it all really.

The HIS 7950 x2 is 300mm long. Will it fit in a HAF 922?

Thanks :)
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  1. Features

    Extreme airflow, uncompromising cooling performance, ruggedly strong with outstanding protection
    Accommodates demanding high-end components including full length graphics cards :D
    LED ON/OFF switch for front 200 x 30 mm fan
    Patented button design for easy maintenance of 5.25" drive devices
    PSU bottom fan can be setup facing up or down to increase airflow through out the case
    Tool free installation
    Includes cable management and CPU retaining hole for easy customizability
    Spacious interior accommodates with the radiator
    7+1 PCI expansion slots for increased expandability
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    The quickie answer: Yes ;)
  3. Thanks :)
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