2560x1440 gaming monitor + need secondary monitor

Hello all!

I recently got a GTX680 and a Dell U2711. I will be using the Dell U2711 for gaming. I am using DVI-D at this time.

I want to get a 2nd monitor for browsing misc. items. (such as GPU and CPU temps) My system specs are on my Signature.

1) Will gaming in full windows mode vs full screen mode make a difference in fps on a single card?
2) I would like to go to full windows mode so I can easily scroll to the 2nd monitor for browsing -will this effect fps?
3) Do I need to get another 2560x1440 monitor to match res? or can i get a x1080 or x1200 monitor setup.
-I've had issues when the native res on multi-monitor setup before such as flicker issues or when I'm gaming, the 2ndary screen res goes out of wack.
4) any benchmarks on this? Gaming on main monitor with 2nd monitor used for 2D purposes?
5) What secondary monitor would you guys recommend? I would love to match a 27inch but could it be at 1080 or 1200? any links of videos/pics?
6) Or have the secondary monitor going portrait?
7) Do i need any special cable?

Again the 2nd monitor is NOT used for gaming. Just want to know if the 2D application such as web browsing or CPU/GPU temps will effect performance.

I really want a 2nd monitor but want to make sure before I blow my cash.

Thanks for any assistance

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  1. I currently have a "30 HP at 2560x1600 and baside it is a LG 27" 1920x1080 , I game on the 30" and pretty much do the same as you intend on the 27". I'm using GTX 580's and have no problems with missmatched monitors , I had also e-mailed Evga tech support with this question and they said it would work ok.
    In Windows mode the mouse will scroll over to the other screen but only between maps and not when in the map. I play MW3 and BF3 so I don't know about RPG and MMO if the mouse will travel. I also get the same fps as before and the screen resolution difference causes no issues.
    As for a monitor cable I use a DVI-D dual link cable for both and as far as a second monitor you could always get another Dell U2711. But I would recomend a Samsung , Asus or LG , and 27" would be better but you can go with any size , maily for looks the same size would look better. If your looking for portrait then make sure you check that the monitor can rotate that way.
  2. hey inzone, Thanks for the reply. You have helped me in the past and I cant thank u enough.

    I don't think I can afford another x1440 monitor at this time. I think portrait is the way to go for me. Would u know any good match with the U2711?

    Does playing in windows full screen mode vs full screen make any difference?

    I used to use crossfired 5850's and I didn't know xfire didnt work in windows mode. So i sold both cards and got the GTX680.

    Does SLI work in windows mode? or is it per game basis?

    Thanks again Inzone!
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    I only have a few games that I play and the game MW3 will play in Window mode with SLI. I had it running with two and three GTX 580's. I didn't notice any fps drop off and I had a few different monitor and video card setups. I had a 27" 1920x1080 and 25.5" 1920x1200 together and a 30" at 2560x1600 and 27" at 1920x1080 with one , two and three 580's in sli. In all of these setups there was bound to be a one or two fps difference between using one monitor or two. Don't forget the video card does not work hard at all in 2D mode and as a matter of fact it's almost in idle mode when in 2D.
    The video cards that I have are from Evga and they come with the Evga Precision software which monitors everything about the card. I notice that when in 2D and with two or more cards in SLI the scondary cards are throttled down to 50 mhz core clock and that's because they'er not needed at all. You won't have to match the monitor with the second one you just need to get one that will rotate to portrait. I don't know of any that will do that and the ones that I see at Newegg are very expensive. You can however have the display in portrait mode but I don't think your looking for that because that would waste a lot of screen space.
    I think this is a good screen for you;
  4. Thanks inzone! With all that experience then you the man to answer all my questions!

    Would you know what monitor size would be the same as the U2711 when put in portrait size?
  5. Why do you want portrait size ? I just tried to put my second monitor in portrait mode and the screen appears to be sideways and the monitor wants to be rotated so it's longer from top to bottom instead of longer from side to side. So with that being the case you may not want a wide screen unless the stand will allow the monitor to rotate 90 degrees , so you need one that says Height, Pivot, Swivel, Tilt
    and I have this monitor that the stand allows the display to pivot 90 degrees , Samsung Syncmaster 2693hm. Here's a Dell that I think can do the same thing.
    Dell P2312H Black 23" 5ms Swivel , Height & Pivot Adjustable Widescreen LED-Backlit LCD Monitor 250 cd/m2 DC 2 Million:1 (1000:1)
  6. I don't want to take up so much space. Running another 23, 24, or 27inch would take up to much space. Looking for a Portrait Landscape Portrait Look (PLP)

    Something like this.....

    but cant find anything for x1440.

    i mean I wont be gaming in PLP but Portrait monitors will be for 2D.
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