560(non ti) with Dual Core Cpu?

can i use http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130664 with my amd athlon dual core cpu with out any major bottlenecks, plan to get a 6core cpu at a later date but cant afford it now, just wondering if that gpu will work well with a dual core cpu, any help be appreciative.
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  1. You won't have any issues running that card with you cpu that you have. The good thing about a cpu is that if there is a problem with a bottleneck you can always overclock it.
  2. Even if it does get bottlenecked a bit, it's still worth it IMO. Better than buying one cheap GPU now and then having to upgrade to a more expensive one once you get a new CPU.

    Especially for gaming, since CPU requirements tend to be modest.
  3. Thx alot guys my concerns are now gone. :bounce:
  4. You might be disappointed in the framerate drops you'll get in newer games... I bought the Radeon equivalent of the 560, and it's definitely held back by my CPU. (Check my sig.) The weakness of an Athlon X2 is much more apparent when paired with a strong card. :??:

    Don't get me wrong, all games are playable on max settings, but you'll still drop below 30fps in many places. Minimum framerate is determined by the CPU.

    You've got the right idea upgrading to a Phenom soon. A strong CPU will keep your framerate smooth. Best cure in the meantime is to never look at your framerate ;)
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