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What are the best gaming cases on the market. My price range is anything under 200. I would want something with good airflow cable management. a side window. something that is nice and big with lot's of room for gpu's. I will be crossfiring with two 11.5 inch cards. I also care about looks. so what are some recomendations.
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  1. There are a ton of cases out there that fit the bill. Really its gonna be a matter of taste. If I was in the market for a case that fits those needs, I would probably go with Lian Li or Silverstone as they are the two better brands. Coolermaster makes some great cases too.
  2. What about the HAF X. It looks pretty cool. realisticly I would really wanna spend 150. And also I like flashy complistics designs. I'm not really a fan of simple designs.
  3. boyabunda said:

    I don't wan't a box. I was just thinking of cases along the lines of the haf X. I heard that corsiar makes some good cases. But those are really the only brands I've seen. I was just asking to see if somebody could show me the most popular or highest rated gaming cases.
  4. I wouldn't mind a good mid atx tower either. I think that some of the really big cases like the haf would be overkill for a 7950 cfx
  5. im digging the zalman z11 plus nice looking case and is quite a decent size.
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    If you think the HAF X would be overkill, but you like the layout, consider the HAF XM. It's basically a mid-tower version of the HAF X. This link isn't the one with a side window, but you can buy a windowed panel separately if you like.
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