New build - Compatibilty and Help :)

Hey Fellow Computer lovers,

Im currently building a new gaming rig. It is mid to high end I guess.

Here are the parts:




Power Supply:


2x Western Digital 2tb


Hydro h100

Im going to use the computer for gaming and video recording of minecraft etc. Im going to be overclock both the cpu and gpu.

1 - Compatibilty issues?
2- Graphics card to get? Im going to end up running 2 of the same so which is better?

These are all american prices and im from australia so the cost is alot more so try not to offer to much out of that price. :)
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  1. Overkill. But yes 1) They are compatible. 2)Get the GTX670.
  2. as a note newegg will not ship to you if you are in Australia, so you might need some new suppliers

    i can't see any compatibility issues. with the 2x Western Digital 2tb make sure you do not get greens the failure rate on them is amazing.

    and just quickly glancing at the numbers i would say that the Radeon HD 7950 is the better card.
  3. I know i already know a place in australia i was just using newegg so you guys can view it :) And yeah may be overkill but hey o well :) And Yeah im probably gunna get 670 :) Thanks :)
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