Fan stopped working on 560 TI, how to install new cooler?

Hey everyone. The other day I was blowing the dust out of my computer case because I was going to instal my new 3570k and z77 mobo. I may have made a mistake using the blowing function on my vacuum meant for cleaning a car instead of canned air. Once I got everything installed, I noticed one of the two fans on my card was not working. Even worse, it's not that it simply did not spin, but when I tried to spin it manually there was resistance. Even with the computer off, the other fan would spin easily if I gave it a nudge, not the other. So I obviously messed up the one fan with the vacuum. So here is my question

I can still play games and everything fine, since one fan is still working and my case (antec 1200) has oodles of airflow, but I want to replace/upgrade the cooler that comes on the 560 ti. Not saying that stock cooler from MSI was bad, but I kind of need a new one now that one fan is dead. So, what cooler would you suggest that is in the 50 dollar price range, and do I do take off the old cooler and install the new one? I have built my last 2 computers, but have not messed with the cooling on my gpus before. Thanks for your answers!
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  1. Look up on eBay, there's some fan you can modify to fit.
  2. Like said above check to make sure that the fan hasn't wound something up in it to cause not spin even when you push it. There should be screws holding the case on then your fans and heat sink.

    To put a new cooler on is just like adding thermal compound like you did to your CPU but here everything screws down. No do not just use one the one fan. But here is the link that ct1615 wanted you to see.

    His link just took you to neweggs web site I took it one step further to the vga coolers. This is where I think he wanted you to be. There are you tube videos that show you how to fix your GPU. Good luck to you.
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