Computer Won't Turn On, no more leads

To start off I have read the sticky of the troubleshooting tips, but i'm at a total loss right now. The computer itself just won't turn on and there's really no simpler way of putting it. Below this paragraph is what I did to troubleshoot the problem.

System Specs:

Intel i5 2500k

Gigabyte Z77-DS3H

GeForce GTX 570

Thermaltake 750 watt PSU

~Trouble Shooting~

1. The very first thing I did was breadboard the moment I took it out of the box. Pushed the button, computer turned on, fan was spinning and everything.

2. Hooked everything up, (2?) 4-pin CPU / 24-pin Main power / 2 6-Pin Graphics Card, Front Panel cords inside the case. ~The Problem Started~

3. Tested Power Cable and Power Source. I took the power cable to another computer and its fine. Plugged in a power-strip to see if there was any juice in the walls. The light on the strip turned on.

4. The (2?) 4-pin CPU, I went back and fourth with the both of them plugging them into the slot. Still nothing.

5. Took all Front Panel cords out EXCEPT the power switch

6. Took Graphics Card out, and still nothing.

7. Took face off of computer off, the wires leading to the power button was glued/soldered in, no unplugged wires.

I basically went back to bread boarding in the computer case. For some ungodly reason it just won't turn on. I had to ship back a previous motherboard because it was defective; it turned on and off. But as of this moment i'm all thumbs.
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  1. I also had the power supply unit tested today. The PSU is ok
  2. Sounds stupid, but did you make sure the switch on the back of the PSU is on?

    Also, try bypassing your case on/off switch. Check out this vid on how to do it:

    You basically touch the case power + and - leads together with a screwdriver.
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