HD 6870/HD 6950/HD 5870 ?

Hiya folks,

I'm a bit confused i wonder if any of you guys could help me if that's not much of a deal, all right then straight to the point i have got couple of questions regarding to Graphic cards.

1: What GPU would you guys recommend (6870/6950/5870) okay now this is very confusing as it gets from here on now... i was told to buy 6870 i done a bit of research, Newegg gives a sort of feedback page.. on 6870 xfx most of the customers are moaning that there service isn't good and returning.. and many folks have mentioned that it gets really hot and noisy.. but this is really something i would like to buy... okay now on 6950 customers are quiet happy with the xfx service and said that its actually a lot cooler then 6870 and doesn't give blue screens or any other problem that may comes in your head... and on youtube so far from what i have seen they say 5870 is somewhat better then 6870 version !!! that's confusing...

Now Please if anyone that really owns 6870s can answer regarding getting hot and blue screen or about xfx customers service is really bad as they speak of ?

2: And if owners of 6950 could also tell how much different is it really between 6870 ?
3: If i would buy 6870 why single fan or dual fan what is it better to buy and which brand that are good with warranty/customers service ?
4: I do not overclock, and I want games on ultra settings i.e (Mafia 2,Fifa 2012,GTA 4 and etc) as long as it runs doesn't lag or die or shows whatsoever blue screens...

Please if anyone would care to answer these questions i would really appreciate cheers guys.
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  1. Tell us your system specs - cpu, ram, mobo, psu... Maybe we can give some better advice.
  2. Welcome to the forums.
    First what's your total system specs? CPU, RAM, PSU.... and what's your monitor resolution?

    HD 6950 is a bit faster than HD 5870 and HD 5870 is faster than HD 6870 (7-10%)
    HD 5870 runs hot and consumes more power than HD 6950, so the best value and pick of those is HD 6950.

    You can always read reviews and compare each card to another, just good it or use the website here for previous articles.

    The conclusion is HD 6950>HD 5870> HD 6870.

    When it comes to which brand, XFX was good at the past don't know why a lot of people are complaining from them, and I've seen a lot of issues with their HD 6xxx cards.

    Sapphire is the best partner of AMD, i never experienced a fault with them, Also Asus & MSI are great too. A card with a dual fan is always better and preferred for great cooling.

    From a price point, The new HD 7850 performs better than HD 6950 runs cooler and quieter and almost the same price as HD 6950 depends on your location.
  3. Hiya,

    Thanks & i might not have mentioned this earlier but I'm building a gaming pc, so yeah about spec's.
    CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965
    GPU: AMD Radeon still thinking....!
    Motherboard: Asus M5A78L-M/USB3
    Power Supply: Corsair TX650
    Ram: Corsair 8GB Corsair 1600Mhz

    Okay most of the part i got what you trying to say, But the mobo I'm is capable of one (PCI-E slot)

    Question what is it really that you looking for ?
    Answer (A GPU i wont regret after buying or give trouble its this extra work i have been doing lately just for this pc, one i have never got a pc before a laptop, so how much loud is it though) 2nd if you not overclocking do you really need dual fan gpu ? it gets hotter ! what exactly is that suppose to mean Hotter enough to damage any other parts that's connected or it self/ 3 this is to ilysaml (Sir my mobo is capable of one PCI-E slot the 7xxx you have mentioned is 3.0 which is fine they have back capability in short terms (It can work with 2.0 or even 1.0 but not the same speed and sir that card is 3gb I'm not into eyefinity and really I would be lucky to have 1 monitor oh yeah almost forgot to tell about that (its BenQ G2220HD) i have not purchase/ordered particular parts i would like playing games on it and watching films Dvd's or Blue ray... and sir that card 7xxx is expensive have mercy on this poor bloke lol.

    Suggestions/opinions are most welcome thanks to all those who have finished reading and and please 2 mind are better then 1 which is the only reason I'm here for cheers guys I'm looking forward to this.
  4. HD 7xxx series are backward compatible with any previous PCIE 2.0 slots, and you won't be hit in performance at all.

    To shorten, HD 6950 is the card to go with if the HD 7850 is expensive for you.
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