How do I connect to the internet (also wireless networks) on a desktop


I'm building a desktop PC from scratch, and since up until now I've always taken this for granted with a laptop, I'm a bit confused what it is I need to connect to the internet.

First of all, I live in a student residence, so up until now I was able to just use an ethernet cable, connecting the wall to my laptop to gain access to the internet service I'm paying for, an I was also able to connect to wireless networks. So my question is what do I need to buy to get the same connectivity?

Do I need to buy a network card, so that I will be able to connect from the wall to my computer and gain access to the internet (not wireless), or do motherboards have that capability already these days? This is the motherboard I'm buying, and if I buy a network card, this is probably the one I'm going with. Or should I go with one that has the IEEE 802.1p, as well?

And then for the gaining access to wireless networks part. Do I just buy a router and that's it? For example, would buying just this router enable me to connect to wireless networks? Or can I just buy this PCI adapter? Or do I need both?

Would it also be possible to go from the wall directly to the router, then to the computer gain access to both the non-wireless and wireless networks?

Thanks in advance.
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    the ASUS motherboard has a network card build in which will allow you to connect via network cable.

    as for the wireless network card I would use this one

    still don't understand why you need a router except you want to create you own separate network. If you want a router, I would go with this ASUS

    If you want to stick with the DLink, here you can save $5 and FREE shipping
  2. emerald, thanks for the response. So what you're saying is that in order to get the same connectivity that I now have on my laptop, I just need:
    a) the motherboard that I linked (which will get me connected to the network I am now accessing via a cable) and
    b) the wireless PCI adapter that I linked?

    Is that correct?

    As far as those adapters are concerned, here are the choices that I have, if you think the one that I linked isn't good enough. I'm looking for the cheapest, still reliable solution, really.
  3. why do you use two different adapters?

    Gaming is so much better when using a wired connection.
  4. It's basically because the wired one has a bandwidth limit, whereas the wireless, which slower and less reliable, we get for free.

    Apart from that, did I get what you said right (points a) and b))?
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  6. Alright, thanks!
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