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Recently, I tried to switch from the Mixed network (G & N) to only-N network. And I notice a significant improvement on my N devices although my router doesn't support 5 Ghz.
Here I have a few questions, I hope that you could help:

1. In term of speed of transferring files, is 5GHz router noticeably better than 2.4 Ghz ? I want to stream movies and pictures (around 10 MB each) from a PC (wifi) to PS3 (wired).

2. Can dual-band router have simultaneously 2 different networks: N-network function at 5GHz with channel bonding, and at the same time G-network functionning at 2.4 Ghz with no channel bonding ?

3. Does the gigabit router help me to stream HD movies to PS3 (PC wifi, PS3 wired) ?

Thank you in advance for your inputs.
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  1. My DLINK DIR825 runs two different networks.I surf the net on the 2.4 band,and i use the other one for my sons xbox and wii!
  2. The DIR825 is 2 simultaneously bands,but some dual band routers are not!
  3. I wonder if dual band router can setup simultaneously :
    - 2 networks: N 5 Ghz and N 2.4 Ghz
    - 2 networks: N 2.4 Ghz and G 2.4 Ghz
  4. One of mine is 5hz the other is 2.4 ghz!
  5. Since my tablet (Toshiba), my iPhone 4 and my desktop (USB wifi key) support network N, but at 2.4Ghz only. Therefore I need to setup 2 networks N and G, both at at 2.4 Ghz. Is it possible ?
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