Got shocked by a generic PSU.

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So, I just got shocked by a psu that came with an old computer. Is this normal? Definitely not static. Under what circumstances will a psu have voltage on its case? thanks in advance.
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  1. Other than the PSU, what else did you touch that wasn't connected to the same circuit?
  2. it was a PSU by itself. I turned it on using the paperclip trick, if that means anything.
  3. Pretty sure you induced the shock sir.
  4. huh what ya mean induced?
  5. Meaning the power supply should be earthed to the wall socket, if done right.
    If you have been scuffing around on the carpet while doing this or wearing nylon clothes or polyester, it was the static electricity leaving your body jumping to earth or ground on the PSU.
  6. Dump the PSU and be more careful next time else you will always be wondering...
  7. If it had alot of dust it could be shorting to the case and you completed the circuit.
  8. wow thanks guys for the replies. I just went to readjust the connection to the mains and viola! no more current flowing through the case! :o and yes it is a dusty PSU.
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