Optical Drive doesn't show up in boot sequence

Hi, I just received my new computer that I ordered without and HDD and Optical Drive because I wanted to re-use my current one. MemoryExpress assembly everything for me, plugged it in, everything seemed okay, it said plug in a booting device and press any key. Turned off the computer, removed the power cable, assembled the HDD and the optical drive.

When I start the computer, the CPU fan goes at 100% then turns down to normal, only my HDD shows up, not my optical drive. If I try to boot form the HDD it doesn't work as it was already loaded with an OS before, windows starts and then shuts off with a blue screen.

My parts:
Gigabyte GA-Z77-UD3H
Intel 3770
16gb corsair lp
western digital caviar 500gb HDD (sata II) (it came with my Compaq computer)
Optical drive (also came with my compaq computer, its written H L Data Storage, Super Multi DVD Rewriter)
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  1. No one?

    I will try to boot from a USB Flash Drive next, so hopefully that works.
  2. are you sure that you have the sata plugged in correctly?
  3. make sure its plugged into this

    with this
  4. also try to enable boot device if not does your problem look like this only that there is no cd-rom or hdd?
  5. I tried different SATA ports, cables and power cables but no luck. It must be the ODD itself. I just booted with a USB Flash Drive and the mobo boots with the windows ISO. Hopefully everything works correctly after windows installation.
  6. well it wont hope it does after you install all of your updates then if it does not you will probably have to reformat the drives or something like that.
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