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Hello. I need suggestions on a PSU for my new build. I want a cheap but reliable PSU, non-modular is fine but I really need to keep it as cheap as possible $50 USD at most but $30-40 USD is preferred. My main concern is reliability, I do not care much about look or features as long as it will last a long time and not fry my parts when it finally does die. Thanks!
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  1. Well first off what's your build this will do for any single card set up
  2. What size PSU do you need?
    The size will be determined by the graphics card/s you intend to use.
    Here is a handy chart to determine that:

    As to quality, that is a very good... really essential goal.
    Pick a tier 1 or 2 unit from this list if you can.
    Tier 3 will be ok too for a small budget:

    I might take a guess that a Corsair CX430W unit might fit the bill.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions. I am aiming for 400-600W if that helps.
  4. Your welcome!Well that does not help it would help if you told us what your build is but the cheapest you can get is the one i list here
  5. CPU - i5-3470
    mobo - likely the MSI Z77 A-G43
    RAM - 8 GB
    HDD - 500GB 7200 RPM western digital
    GPU - Radeon 7770
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