I7-3770k vs AMD Fx-8350 Help....

Hello, been decind all day if to go with amd fx-8350 or i7-3770k or ((i7-2600k)),, any help will be helpfull..... i just want my pc for video enooding, converting multi-videos with convertxtodvd, use dvd-lab to create menus and photoshop in some cases..... but baisically i want my pc to do multitasking and to burn dvds..... downloas stuff and all that....NON-GAMING......
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    The 3770K is still better for those uses, but it all comes down to your budget and how much you're willing to pay for a little faster encoding time.

    In short, the 8350 is just fine for that, but the 3770K will just do it a few seconds quicker.
  2. Thank you, atm i have i5-2500k, but not sure i like to get the i5 and the mobo to build a HTPC.... what you think about the power consuming of the Fx-8350.... will be alot??? it not that i will do this 24h...
  3. ohh andf whth about the i7 2600k?
  4. The 8350 will be much less efficient than the 3770K, but since you won't be encoding 24/7, it's not that big of a deal.

    And the 2600K should be around the same as the 8350, or just slightly faster, for media encoding (I haven't seen any direct comparisons, but I'm just making an educated guess).
  5. So, ummmmm, if you wehr eme wth will you chooce.....
  6. Well, since you don't want this for gaming and only for media encoding, I suppose the 8350 makes the most sense. It'll get the job done for less money.
  7. Ok, thanks very much :)
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  9. You're welcome. :)
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