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I'm a complete amateur at PC building. I've built one other PC from the ground up in my life and before that the most building I did was "bare bones" deals. So far I'm thinking of building a machine with an i7 3770 (non k, non s) CPU. I don't plan on overclocking so I'm hoping a stock CPU fan will suffice. This is the case I just bought a couple days ago and am waiting on delivery.

I'm thinking I will load the case up with the max of 7 cooling fans, two on top, two in front, two on the side and one in the back. So my question is:

How should I set up the air flow? Should it pull from the front and side and out the top and back? Should the side fans blow toward the CPU or away? Do I really need an aftermarket CPU fan? Can I get away with the stock one if I'm not overclocking?

Any advice would be most welcome.

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    Standard airflow configuration is the front and side panels intake air, the back and top exhaust air. Sets up a front to back airflow in the case.

    You dont need one if you arent overclocking, But I recommend one. Under load the stock cooler runs fairly hot and quite loud even compared to cheap aftermarket coolers like the 212 EVO.
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