E6750@3.2 ghz compared to current generation cpus

Just out of curiosity I am wondering if there is a way to compare the performance of an old e6750 overclocked to some of the current main stream cpus. I use my system for gaming/general desktop stuff and I am wondering if there is that much of a difference in real world performance. I know in benchmarks the newer cpus will blow mine out of the water but my system still feels fast. I guess it will be time to upgrade soon.
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  1. your cpu overclocked may match some of the entry level sandy bridge pentiums like mine for example.
  2. i run an e8500, and recently setup a g620 for my brother, found the g620 to run better. prob more to do with ddr3 vs ddr2 thou.
  3. i upgraded from an e6750 to an i5-2500k, it was a good deal faster, L3 cache, and great OC capabilities....

    775 is really dated platform now...
  4. I know that an e6750@3.6GHz bottlenecks the hell out of Gtx580. The video card averaged 55% usage while the CPU was pegged @ 100%. A q9550 helped but was still a bottle neck in some games. An i7 3820 is what I run now.
  5. yeah I sure for high end gaming a newer cpu would make a huge difference. As for Windows 7/8 and application performance though I'm not so convinced. I really only play one game a lot at the moment and it uses an older engine.
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