Planing to add new systems to a gaming cafe (online and offline). Present systems have:

CPU: AMD X6 1100T.
Motherboard: GIGABYTE 88
Memory: Kingston HyperX 1600Mhz 4GB
Hard Drive: SEGATE SATA 500GB - 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
Video Card: Sapphire 6870 -1GB
Case: Thermaltake case V3
Power Supply: GIGABITE 550W
All running without any problems for a year. Good cooling and air circulation. Resolution 1024x1080. Most games are MMO, FPS, HON, DOTA and WOW. So far all working up to the spectations. No complains.

I would like to expand with an addition of 10 new systems. These are the specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5-3550K 3.3GHz
Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z77-D3H
Memory: Kingston 1600Mhz 4GB x 2 module
Hard Drive: SEGATE SATA 500GB - 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
Video Card: Sapphire 6870 -1GB
Case: Thermaltake case V3
Power Supply: XFX 650W

Budget is tight and very little space to move. No overclocking required.

Any suggestions or recommendations to the build?

Thank you in advance
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  1. The "K" sku is unlocked for overclocking . use an i5 3550 or 3450 instead

    You can save on motherboards too with H77 chip sets . Micro-ATX boards will be fine and will save some power too

    Unless you know your games are 64 bit [ almost none are ] then 2 x2 gig of RAM is more than a gamer needs

    you will need a 500 watt psu not 650

    heres what i would get. if you dont need windows, just take it out of the build.
  3. Since this is a business investment (Right?) you probably want
    to be as energy efficient as possible without sacrificing performance.

    1024x1080: Is that number correct? If gaming at that resolution, a 7750 or 7770 might do ya good.
    Low power draw will also help keep the bill down if you are going to be having this run at max load most of the day.

    A cheap case like an NZXT Gamma should be solid for what you plan to do, and much cheaper.
  4. Thanks all for the great inputs. Appreciated.
    Here are the new specs, based on the recommendations. Some of the items recommended are not available here in Dubai, so I had to improvise and look for alternatives. The prices are from dealers/re-sellers in Dubai. I will be getting some discount on quantity :).

    CPU: Intel Core i5-3450 3.1GHz ...$193
    CPU Cooler: ZALMAN CNPS10X .....$40
    Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z77-DS3H ...$160
    Memory: Kingston 1600Mhz 2x2GB ...$31
    Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 500GB 3.5" 7200RPM ...$66
    Video Card: Sapphire 6870 -1GB ...$180
    Case: Thermaltake case V3 ...$47
    Power Supply: GIGABYTE 550W ...$61
    DISPLAY: LED Acer 21.5” (S220HQL) ...$122
    MS Keyboard ...$8
    MS Mouse ...$8

    I like to keep the VGA 6870 so its inline with what I already have. The diff in price against the 7850 is about $64. If I drop from 8GB Ram to 4, I can cover that to some extent. Should I go that way? Will it make better performance wise?
    Also the RAM, since the price is within budget. Would appreciate some clarification here. If get 2x2GB for now, and I add another 2x2GB (populating all dimms), will I still get dual channel?
    I might change the MB to H77 since I am not going to overclock, but subject to availability and if the price diff is substantial.
    So far $947 for the total. Its it a good deal?
    Lastly, if I am not overclocking, do I need to have the ZALMAN cooler? or the stock will do?
    Thanks all
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    1: take out the cooler. its not really needed
    2:id get a p8h77-v from asus. its cheaper and h77 has all the same features as z77 minus overclocking
    3:dont get kingston ram. they usually run at 1.65v which will damage your emory controller over time. just go and pick up a set of gskill ripjaws (x)
    4:for the video card, just go get a asus 7850. you will see the increase from high settings in most games to 50+fps on ultra
    5:4gb of ram is more than enough for gaming. i dont see why you will need 8gb since the only thing that your customers are going to do is game
    6:i personally dont trust gigabyte on their PSUs. go get yourself a PC & Power Cooling MKIII 500w or a xfx 550w power supply
  6. +1 to the earlier comments : @ low resolution and running a business i would hit an mATX space saving config based simply on G850 undervolted, paired with mATX H61, 4GB RAM and HD 7770 cards. Prolly a 400-500W 80+ bronze/gold PSU as very efficient PSUs eventually pay for themselves with the power bills you would be saving ^^ PC hardware depreciates very quickly and there is no reason i would place such a burden on start up/operational cost for a business unless very necessary :ouch:
  7. Thanks to all comments. All point taken into consideration. Time to go parts hunting. :bounce:
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