I need to use 3 monotors.

I have a gtx 260 and a 8300gs spare with a sli mobo

Could i plug in the 8300gs just to show the 3rd screen i dont want a performance increase just the 3rd screen to work but the 8300gs has no sli connector, is this possible or will it no work?

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  1. You can use the 8300gs for the 3rd monitor, but you cannot use SLI. For the purpose of an extended desktop, SLI is not needed.

    EDIT: This will work with XP and Win 7, but it will not work with Vista.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! is there any special drivers i need because obviously its a gtx 2*** and gefore 8*** series cards?
  3. This could work with vista as well, but you need to find a single driver that works with both cards. Otherwise just download from Nvidia's website the driver it suggests for each card and install them.

    They won't act like a single monitor like eyefinity setups, but you will have up to four monitors.
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