Need help deciding 560 ti 2GB vs 560ti 1280MB 448 cuda

I haven't been able to find any heads ups between these two cards. I know that the 448 cuda beats the crap out of a 560ti 1GB, but how about the 560ti with 2GB? The price is very similar, so any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. No point. Only way you'll use 2gb is if you're running very high resolutions. I suggest a 7850 at 250$.
  2. I know 3D isn't everyones cup of tea, but I am investing in Nvidia 3d Vision, so it has to be an Nvidia card.
  3. If you are going 3D Vision it would be better to have the 2GB version, depending on the games you wish to play , but BF3 will eat the 1GB vram for breakfast.

    Theres not many reviews out there for the 2GB , but it does come in handy for 3D and Multi monitor usage and also for vram hungry games at high resolutions.

    The 448 core is faster and has 1.2 GB of vram.
    If your budget allows it , consider looking at the 670.
  4. Man, the 670 does look pretty dank....maybe the 3D setup will have to wait until Sales in November....will the I5 3750 Ivy support PCI e 3.0?
  5. Yup it will support 3.0.
    If you already have a sandy there is no need to get the Ivy just for 3.0 , theres no difference really.
  6. Don't already have, doing homework for a new build. I was going to get the I5 2500k, but then noticed the mobo I selected can come with bundled I5 3750 for only 5$ over the 2500k, seems like a no brainer, and PCI e 3.0 just sweetens the deal.
  7. Not a bad deal at all , is the 3750 the K model tho?
    Only necessary if you want to overclock.
  8. why are you guy's saying 3750?...
  9. My b, its the 3570, and yes its the k, wouldn't get it if it wasn't.
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