Brought a new PC and can't get a monitor to connect.

I brought a new desktop ("Acer Predator G3620") about a week ago, fter setting up a new desk and rearranging the room I tried to set up the computer.

First thing I noticed that both monitor and the HDMI ports were covered up with plastic covers. Ive never brought just the desktop before so I don't know if that is how it comes or not?

The computer seems to be running fine but i cannot connect a monitor and/or a HDTV to the system.

Acer haven't been very helpful if I'm being fully honest. After ringing a premium number which diverted me around the world, all the woman could say that I needed to send it to Acer.

Surely there is a quick fix solution to this rather than waiting for UPS and Acer to fix and return to me?
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  1. If I'm not mistaken, the Acer Predator has a monitor output on the motherboard as well as on a dedicated graphics card. You have to attached your monitor to the connector on the graphics card instead to these on the motherboard. The motherboard connectors are aligned vertical while the connectors on the dedicated graphics card are aligned horizontally - and there shouldn't be any plastic cover on those connectors.

    You can see what I mean in this picture:
  2. Ah right. I see what you mean with the picture. Would of been much better and easier if the desktop came with the stickers saying 'This part is disabled'.. Oh wow.

    Feel like an idiot if this is the problem. My monitor has the VGA(?) wire, so will just have to buy a DVI connector, if I'm right in saying that, or a new monitor with DVI supported obviously.

    Thanks for the very quick reply too.
  3. dodger46 said:
    If your Monitor doesn't have a DVI Connector, take your pick

    Cheers for the link.. I'm sure this is what is up with the desktop.. me being an idiot, hah. Guess you guys see this sort of stuff day in day out though.
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