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Please recommend me a PSU below $60

I am currently using an FSP Epsilon 600w but I am looking to getting a new and hopefully better PSU.

Please recommend me a good PSU within (below) the 60$ price range..

Thanks :)


It would be nice if it was modular, for easier cable management :P
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  1. here you go. not modular but not that many cables anyways. just put it as a ball at the bottom of the case
  2. I would go with Seasonic. If you can stretch your budget ten bucks, you can get a modular 520w unit from Newegg. That is probably enough wattage unless you are oc'ing like mad or running dual graphics.
  3. Any specific reason you are replacing the current unit? What are your specs so we see the power need?
    Your current unit is not crap so with your budget it is not really a top of the line either you would be getting.
  4. For a system using a single GeForce GTX 650 Ti graphics card NVIDIA specifies a minimum of a 400 Watt or greater power supply that has a combined +12 Volt continuous current rating of 20 Amps or greater and that has at least one 6-pin PCI Express supplementary power connector.

    Total Power Supply Wattage is NOT the crucial factor in power supply selection!!! Total Combined Continuous Power/Current Available on the +12V Rail(s) rated @ 45-50°C ambient temperature, is the most important factor.

    Your existing FSP Epsilon 600W should be more than capable of meeting the requirement.
  5. Add $10 (like maestro0428 suggested) and get this PSU:
  6. maestro0428 said:
    I would go with Seasonic. If you can stretch your budget ten bucks, you can get a modular 520w unit from Newegg. That is probably enough wattage unless you are oc'ing like mad or running dual graphics.

    +1 on this sentiment.

    I have a Seasonic M12II 620w and M12II 520w that have both been wonderful. I'm about to build a low-budget HTPC system that will only require ~300w or less, but am still going to spring for the Seasonic S12II 430w unit simply because I have such confidence in the company and their products. I have yet to see a review site that didn't praise their power supplies as having the "cleanest" output with the least ripple and noise of any major manufacturer.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions.. Well, there is no particular reason why i want to replace my FSP Epsilon, I just want to get a better PSU. :)

    My current PC Specs:

    Intel i3-2100
    ASUS P8H61-ML X
    2x2gb Gskil Ripjaws X
    GTX 650 or HD 7770 OC'ed (still haven't decided yet)
    Coolermaster K380 PC Chasis

    Seasonic are really hard to find here in the Philippines, i tried to look for some and all I found are 750-800w variants (which are too expensive). And I can't buy through newegg either since Im from the Philippines, the freight cost would almost double the price :(

    Here are the most easily available brands here in our country and im our city: Coolermaster, HEC, Thermaltake, Aerocool, Silverstone, Corsair, and NZXT.

    Please recommend me some good PSU that are one of these following brands.. Thanks :)

    I was originally looking into this PSU: specifically the HEC Cougar ST 80+ Power Supply 500w or the Silverstone Strider Essential 80+ 500w Is it a god choice? or not?
  8. xfx 450 watts 80 plus will be enough for your system and actually is priced around 60$
    see :
  9. Out of those brands only Corsair sticks out as quality but with the size of yours being plenty I would stick with it and rather use the money for a more powerful GPU.
  10. Thanks sir.. However, I have already ordered a video card.

    How about these 2? HEC Cougar ST 80+ Power Supply 500w or the Silverstone Strider Essential 80+ 500w

    Are these power supplies good or bad? and which one is better?

    I can't order thru Amazon as well, since their free shipping policy only applies to U.S.A

    It's really hard to find quality PC parts here in our city :P
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    There is a really, really overlooked aspect about PSU's that makes it extremely hard to judge the quality of a given power supply simply by brand name. Essentially, there are only about as many mainstream PSU manufacturers as you could count on your fingers. Those few manufacturers produce the units as specified by the "label" manufacturer in some cases, and in others they actually just sell their own models to be rebranded and sold. For example, Corsair and Antec don't make a single PSU themselves. Seasonic on the other hand produces all of their own units, and the units that are sold by many other companies. However- and this is where it gets tricky- a company like Corsair or Antec doesn't use a single source for all of their models. As a matter of fact, they don't even use the same source for all of the different output levels of the same model. Thus, you really can't say that Corsair, Antec, or OCZ make good units all around. 80% of their models are very solid, but about 20% are NOT up to the quality control standards you'd imagine.

    This is very useful.,2913.html I personally would buy anything Seasonic has produced, but there are other brands that are very well respected as well. At least that chart will give you an idea of what is really what.

    Off the top of my head, I can tell you that Antec High Current Gamer 520w and 620w models are Seasonic and very well made. I can also say from my only positive personal experience with a different manufacturer that the OCZ brand ZT line is top-notch (and FULLY modular- rare). The ZT 550 I have actually does impress me.

    Hope this helps... :hello:
  12. Couger power supplies are made by HEC. I would avoid them.

    The Silverstone Strider Essential series is made by Sirtec and is pretty good.

    Honestly the FSP Epsilon you have is not a bad unit. It is an older design though and not 80 Plus certified.

    Ocmusicjunkie this is the link you want. Tom's power supply list is pretty much outdated.
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  14. I thought this PSU was certified since it has "80+" written on it.. LOL

    Thanks for the tips guys.. Based on what you guys said, looks like Seasonic or Antec is the clear choice.. I have managed to find a store that sells tier 1 PSU Brands (although i have to pay a bit for the freight) please check which one of these is better.

    1.) Antec 550watts Basiq VP550P

    2.) Seasonic 520watts PSU 80Plus Bronze

    3.) Corsair CX 500watts

    4.) Corsair VS 450watts (VS450)

    Are any of these 4 modular? Im looking for a modular PSU for easier cable management
  15. THe Basiq is really an entry-level unit, and not up to usual Antec quality standards. The only reasonable priced Antec models I would consider would be the Earthwatts, Neo Eco or High Current Gamer models. The TruePower units are good too, but I think those are usually pretty pricey in comparison.

    I actually have that exact Seasonic unit, except for the modular version. Seasonic "S12II" PSU's are non-modular, and "M12II" units are just modular twins of the same power output S12II unit. That is a top-notch power supply that has really served me well for overclocking purposes. I attribute part of the reason I was able to overclock my Phenom 965 so easily to the quality of the PSU, since I jumped from 4.1 to 4.3ghz just by switching from the jenky Coolermaster unit I had been using.

    From Corsair, the line you'd want to look into is the TX models. They are the ones that come in both modular and non-modular configurations, and are also considered to be their entry level of "performance" power supplies. The CX and VS aren't bad, but I wouldn't write home about them either.

    Modular supplies are pretty hard to come by for reasonable prices. I think the Seasonic M12II 520w would be the most common, along with the Antec High Current Gamer 520M, and Corsair TX650M. All three are great in my book. Mind you, those are all "partially" modular, meaning the 24-pin power supply to the mobo is not removable, but obviously you're going to need that for any application. The only advantage of "fully" modular is if you have a case that makes running the power cables really tricky, and could be made easier with hooking up the supply-side last. The OCZ ZT 550, 650, and 750 are all very good quality, fairly reasonable price fully modular units if by chance you find them.

    I would toss out there that the Rosewill "Hive" and "Capstone-M" series PSU's are also viewed in high regard by most people who have used them. I personally am a little hesitant based on the company's hit-and-miss record in generally everything with their name on it. Still, they are rated 80+ bronze and 80+ gold respectively, and are more affordable than any similar spec units from the major players.
  16. Wow. That was a very detailed explanation. You pretty much answered all the question lingering in my mind.. Thank you so much.

    By the way I found a Seasonic (M12II) 520watts 80PLUS Bronze
    and a Antec 620watts High Current Gamer Series, 80Plus Bronze in the local store that I checked out earlier.
    Which one of these two are better?

    The Antec is a bit more costly but it has higher wattage, one last question though, If i were to get the Seasonic would a 520w PSU suffice for my PC or should I get the 620w variant?

    Which one of these two are better?

    Here are the specs once again:
    Intel i3-2100
    ASUS P8H61-ML X
    2x2gb Gskil Ripjaws X
    GTX 650 or HD 7770 OC'ed (still haven't decided yet)
    Coolermaster K380 PC Chasis
  17. No problem at all. I had to come online to various forums looking for info about how to open up my computer case not all that long ago. I try to pay some of the help back. :lol:

    Wow I just ran your system specs through the power supply calculator here:

    I see now why people say AMD machines are power hungry compared to Intel! You could easily get by with the 520w even if you're overclocking everything it looks like. I assumed one spinning drive and one SSD, five 120mm fans and it sitll came back with numbers in the ~325w range. That doesn't account for overclocking or future upgrades, so the 520w wouldn't be overkill, but there doesn't seem to be much need to go for the higher output.

    Just an FYI, the Antec HCG modular and Seasonic M12II are actually 95% identical construction. Seasonic is the manufacturer of both, they are rated for identical amp numbers if you compare the 520w or 620w versions of both, and the internals are the same except for some *minor* improvements with the capacitors from the Antec to the Seasonic branded version. I only know all this because I found a full comparison of the two on JohnnyGuru while I was last in the market- they opened up both and analyzed the entire design. Based on that, I would say that if the prices were the same, I'd take the extra 100w and go with the Antec. But, given that you don't actually require that extra power and the Seasonic is cheaper, I think that'd be my pick.

    It's a nice change of pace to have someone concerned over their power supply quality for a change. I've had to literally explain to friends that I would be afraid to be in the room with their $45, 700w-rated unit that they were trusting not to set fire to their i7 system. :D
  18. Hahaha! I feel you bro, my friends kept criticizing me for trying to buy for a quality PSU, i just tell them I don't wanna experience an early new year "BOOM" within my room. LOL And besides, a PSU is a long term investment for me, unlike Video Cards which have to be upgraded evey year or so, Im looking to buy a quality PSU that would last for about 3-4 years or so.

    You really know a lot about PSUs. Once again, I am in debt to you, thank you so much.. I couldn't have made up my mind if it weren't for you..

    Well, considering all those things that I'v learned from you, looks like it's gonna be the Seasonic (M12II) 520watts for me..

    Thank you so much ocmusicjunkie, i hope you will help me about some of my other concerns in the future (such as getting a CPU/Ram/Video Card cooling system) :)
  19. Haha.... yeah, I don't doubt that I'll have decided it's time to upgrade everything else attached to my M12 PSU's before I end up having to replace them. My CoolerMaster eXtreme 500w unit actually fried a mobo and ram from a system at stock speeds that required 300w power tops. That was when I decided to stop configuring systems where the cheapest component was the one that could destroy all the rest of them.

    No worries- I absorb the info I can from places like JohnnyGuru's site. That's someone who actually knows their stuff. I'm still a n00b compared to the majority of the guys who really get into this stuff.

    Shoot me a PM if you need anything down the road. :hello:
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