To many graphics cards! help me choose!

Hello, I am still deciding on a graphics card configuration for my system, the specs are as follow:
i7 2600k
ASUS P8-Z68-V Pro Gen 3
Corsair HX850
8 gigs of g-skill ram
GTX 560 Ti SLI
I'm looking at a lot of graphics cards but not just for the best performance because I know the answer already, but if there is a better price performance ratio or a better option I would want to know here. All cards are going to be watercooled just like the 560s so heat and noise is not a factor. I'm willing to spend around 1 grand on graphics but on Kepler cards I am a bit wary as prices are very sketchy and I don't want to buy a 680 for 599 on a site and then turn around and see them at the normal MSRP for 500, because of the availibilty issues.


AMD 7970 Crossfire
Nvidia 670 SLI (most likely a EVGA or gigabyte)
Nvidia 680 Sli (I honestly am unsure about this because of the sketchy pricing and supply)

These cards are my prime picks as of now, I was looking for a little more power than my 560s offer, and am looking to make the jump from mid range. If you have anything I should know about the new Kepler cards by all means tell me, I'd be glad to hear any input.
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  1. Dude, 560 in SLI is a very good setup. Wait for 7xx or 8xxx.
  2. Yeah, 560 Ti would still be great for today and you should be able to stay on it until the nex gen kepler or 'Tenrife' (8900) or something. But, if you badly need the upgrade now, I would go for the 670 SLI:
  3. why you are thinking to upgrade gtx 560ti sli setup they are working great can max all save that all money which you are going to cost on no needed upgrade wait for a year then cash them on 7xx or 8xxx series cards.:)
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