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Its been happening since a recent adobee flash update. I can't figure out how to go back to the older setup...tried system restore, last known good configuration, and searched adobe's site for a previous version. I could play videos in safemode so I deleted and reinstalled drivers for my video card. BSOD is citing my video drivers are to blame. I have since removed my video drivers so I am able to work on my computer, but I can't play video games, which sucks. Since i'm running 2 video cards in crossfire, I tried swapping cards to see if that helped, which it did not. Problem happens in ie8-32bit, ie8-64 bit, and firefox, so i doubt my web browser is to blame.

Here is my setup:

interl e8500 @ 3.16 - stock
8gb ram
2 gigabyte gv-587ud-1gd
gigabye mobo
w7-64 (version 6.1 build 7600)

I'm at a loss here. Any ideas?
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  1. There are known issues with the latest firefox and adobe flash. Hardware acceleration in Flash is also problematic. Please check the following:

    1. Delete firefox, use Chrome

    2. Update your video drivers to the latest stable release

    3. Update flash to the latest stable release
  2. I would suggest giving your system a good cleaning. Run CCleaner and do the Clean and Registry both to clean your system of resource wasting crap and registry errors.
    You may have to run it a 2nd time. Then use it at least weekly.
  3. Tried registry cleaner...nada
  4. Go into Start-->Control panel-->Programs and features and uninstall Adobe flash player and its plugins. Then, install the older version from the site.
  5. I don't see how to download an older version of adobe. The website railroads me to Adobe Flash Player which is not working on my Gigabyte 5870 (gv-587ud-1gd, driver 8.791 bios
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