Best custom gaming rig for $800-1000

Guys i have an estimated $ 800-1000 budget to build myself a killer Gaming rig. suggest me the best items to buy- CPU, GPU , Mobo, SMPS, if anything more that too. please help me decide.
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  1. Country you are buying from....

    We need a bit of detail about your self

    -Personal Preference with parts
    -Country you live in
    -How much storage you need
    -What games your planning to play

    etc etc. there is a form you can fill out in our threads that will list this info in order for us to put together some build plans.

    Trust me, you came to the right place. Our Build Architects will begin assembling some shopping lists for you to choose from and will fit your needs.
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    I honestly don't think there can be a better gaming rig for under $1,000 than this right here :
  3. If your budget doesn't include a monitor, then I think the best you can do is what ismaeljrp gave you, except if you get your processor and board from microcenter (their ivy bridges are significantly cheaper, like $50 and they have a promo that gives u an extra $50 off if you buy a matching motherboard), you might be able to pull off a GTX680 and then you'll be a beast.

    Sadly, my budget is around yours as well except i need a monitor

    EDIT: ismaeljrp, do you think that power supply has enough juice to run that rig + overclocks from both cpu and 680?
  4. i live in india. Likes to play heavy duty gaming BF3, Skyrim, DMC5, MAxPayne 3 and more
  5. why not keep the same board and just go for 2500k
  6. Go to the Systems board, that's where you get advice on an overall build.
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