2x6870s in Crossfire issue.

I'm running a 6core AMD Phenom 2 Processor, and 2 Hard drives and 2 SSD. I have been running a 6870 for a few months now and enjoying it. I decided to add another one to crossfire on my MSI 890fxa-gd70 MB. I'm using a PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750 (First Gen), and I'm not given the option to crossfire in the Vision control center. Also seems that I only get video of the post screen from the second card, and my fans seem quieter than usual.. Any ideas on my issues? (One card is running 2.0 and one is running 1.1 pci-e but I'm using MSI's recommended slots, should be both at 16x.) Not getting ANY performance gain from this setup.
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  1. Check the Windows device manager and see if it shows up. Also make sure that you have the crossfire bridge installed
  2. Both Cards show up in the device manager, and the bridge is installed.
  3. Make sure that the bridge is in the right location, it's different for 2,3,4 way crossfire. Try swapping it to the other connector pair. Strange, is there anything that needs to be done in the firmware? I'm not familiar with AMD chispets
  4. My bios is up to date, and my card are single slot crossfire only. (Only one slot on each card to put the bridge)
  5. I just read on another site that for that board you have to put both graphics cards into 2.0 speed slots, which makes sense.
  6. Yea, they are slots 1 and 5. It's not working though. Would power cause something like this?
  7. no. If it was a power issue it wouldn't show up at all. According to the manual both of those slots should be 2.0 speeds, not 1.1 as you said. I see a 1x slot but that's different. Both E1 and E5 should be full 2.0 16x slots. You can verify the link speed using GPUz. Please note that some graphics cards will downclock the link speed to conserve power so you must look at the maximum reported link speed, not the current link speed

    You should check and make sure that it's actually in E5 and not E4
  8. That was the mistake I made the first time. It's been rectified, but still not working. Also no option to crossfire still in the Vision Control Center.
  9. interesting. Try removing the drivers completely (using AMD/ATI install manager) and installing the latest Catalyst 12.4 release
  10. I've tried that as well. Sounds like I might be sending it back and sticking to a single card solution.
  11. yeah. 4870s are old news, you can get much better now
  12. Oh holy heck.. I meant they are 6870's.. Man I can't believe I missed that typo.
  13. After getting some sleep I've fiddled with it all day, no results.
  14. Do you have another crossfire bridge that you can test it with?
  15. I know you updated your bios , but have you tried updating your motherboard drivers too?
  16. I have one coming, ordered one directly from XFX, whom made the cards.
    Monsta, yea, even did a fresh install of win7.
  17. okay. You're not the only person with that problem, I'm suspecting that it's the bridge
  18. I'm wondering if it is the bridge MSI supplied with the motherboard is somehow not compatible.
  19. Could possibly be faulty, hope the new one you get works.
  20. I did do some research, seems there are a few people with this issue.. but haven't seen a resolution in my searches.
  21. both of your cards should have come with bridges, mine did
  22. Neither of mine did. :(
  23. New Crossfire bridge did not work.
  24. Well ***. I suppose that it's time to call them up and walk through it with their tech support
  25. Apparently it's going to go on ebay, since no where has a solution, not the MB manufacturer, nor Video card manufacturer.
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