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So I just installed my sapphire 7870 OC, after replaceing my power supply for an Ultra X3 1000w (an older model on clearance) I am now getting random system restarts. Could it be the older power supply? I am about to take the psu back to the store tomorrow, hopefully they will refund my money or at least give me store credit... if it keeps on happening I guess i will know for sure, but are older power supplies known to cause these shutdowns when paired with newer gaphics cards??
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  1. using msi afterburner i found that my temperatures were getting a bit high (about 57c) I turned on the fan to 100 percent, I will see if that solves the problem...but is it bad to have the fans on like that all the time??
  2. running sc2 in windowed mode with extreme settings and the fan running at 100 percent the temps stablized at 51-2c...
  3. How did you came to conclusion that 57 C is "a bit high"??? Did you read it in a spec. or what?
    57 C is not a high enough temperature to cause crashes, not even close.
    Besides your power supply it maybe also your OCed graphics card who crashes, as well as various other things.
    More investigating/data is necessary here.
  4. Did you connect the 2 6-pin auxiliary power connectors from your power supply to your graphics card?

    That's how it should be done (picture I've taken on my PC):

    I'll have to calm you as well: 52C is very very very cool for a graphics card. For you to start having problems, it has to reach something like 90C.
  5. Yes I connected everything... can the OC card really cause random restarts like that? I would imagine that would take me to a BSOD or something, at least from what Ive read other people have experienced.... is it more than likely the power supply? Ill find out for sure in a couple of hours, hopefull I will be able to return the Ultra x3 1000w for something a bit newer.
  6. Bought a corsair tx850 and everything is running fine until now.
  7. im keeping a stable temp of about 60 degrees now.
  8. What could I do to keep my temps cooler? The case is a gateway FX...Would upgrading the stock fan help? The cpu fan has a nice cooler master heatsink, I dont think that needs to go, besides the processor is clocked at 2.80Ghz. or should I save for a bigger case? Ive stuck all the unused wires from the psu on top of it, so they are as far out of the way as possible (the psu itself is on the top of the case. If upgrading the exshaust fan helps can any of you reccomend one to me please?
  9. 60 degrees is very cool and I wouldn't worry about it.
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