Need help understanding HD3D requirements

I have a two pronged question that I want to ask. What specifically are the requirements for the HD3D technology? From the research I have gathered (although it seems to be limited as to what I can find right now) the only comparable series for AMD is 6000 series and 7000 series.

I am looking to get a 7950 or 7970, does this mean I cannot use HD3D in the future when I upgrade my monitor?

My other specs are :-
MB :- MSI 870-G54
Pro :- X4 955 BE
GPU :- Radeon 5770 (current) 7950/7970 (upgrade)
Ram :- 2x2GB Mushkin Enhanced (may upgrade to 2x4 gig if 3d tech requires more Ram)

I hope you guys have more answers than questions yourself's as the information seems damn limited, or I am not asking the right ones in google!
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