Mod PCI-e connectors to increase wattage output?

My PSU has two 6-pin PCI-e +12 volt connectors. #1 is 18 amps and #2 is 20 amps. The problem is my 8800 GT card needs 26 amps minimum. So I'm wondering if it's possible, not to mention wise, to change or combine one or more of the terminal leads to increase the wattage output in a single connector?

I know this is a crazy idea and I should just buy another PSU, it just seems to me that since the PSU puts out 38 watts total it *should* be theoretically possible to do. Anyone have any thoughts on this, and if so how to go about it?

Thanks :D
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  1. Your right, its a crazy idea. It can't be done. I suggest a new power supply from Seasonic, you can get the 520w modular version at newegg for 69 bucks.
  2. Don't.
  3. Yea, it'll work. The solution is to use a Y-cable to combine the 12v rails for the needed amps -

    My bad, I should have searched better before posting the question. But at the very least I'm another person who has had the problem and confirmed the solution.
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