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I5 temperature

hi, i ran prime95 small FFT's 4 threads on my i5 3470. these results came in after about 4 minutes:

is that ok?
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  1. If that's a stock heatsink then there is no issue. :)
  2. darth pravus said:
    If that's a stock heatsink then there is no issue. :)

    thnks for replying,

    it's ZALMAN 7000V Al SI pretty standard cooling. can i leave the testing for 30 min or more? can it hurt my CPU?
    what are the normal ranges for this CPU in STRESS/IDLE and what are the dangerous temp zones?

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    The CPU will shut down when it reaches 100 degrees so it shouldn't damage itself.

    Idle depends on room temps but between 25 and 35 is pretty good. Under regular load I would want it 80 or above to be honest.

    Try getting some arctic silver paste and reapply might get your temps down.

    TLDR version: they will never reach what they did in prime. All is well
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