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Ok, this might be a dumb question...
well, i bought a psu before 6 months but i never used it(i was planing to buy all the other parts back then but my budget didnt let me..) and i had left it in my storage room outside of the box but it didnt had dust anyway
So, is it safe to use it? I mean not having it to work for 6-7 months isnt going to affect it,right?(i have seen many people saying to be very careful with power supplies because it may damage other parts etc etc)
it is this btw
thanks in advance
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  1. As long as it didn't get wet all should be ok. It's a good branded PSU so I wouldn't worry too much.
  2. Coolermaster generally doesn't do well in testing, but I have not seen that unit tested.

    That being said, storage shouldn't hurt a PSU at all.
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