If i were to sli a 670...

Can i sli a 670 2gb model with the 4gb model
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  1. No but am interested in purchasing one
  2. Ive been told i will not be able to run bf3 on 4x MSAA with 3screens (1x 1680x1050 2x 1280x800) unless i have the 4gb model
  3. they probably meant 3 1080 screens. Yours are pretty low Res and I assume the 1680x1050 screen is going to end up running at 1680x800.

    Look at the 2560x1600 benchmarks.

    Your Res would be 17% lower. I doubt you'd be memory limited. or need SLI.

    If you SLI a 4GB with a 2GB card the 4GB card will only use 2GB so its a waste to do that. memory DOES NOT add in SLI. If you plan to upgrade the monitors to multiple high Res displays you might want to consider a 4GB though
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