Which version of the hd7850 should i get?

I see the hd7850 made by:


I was thinking either msi oc or sapphire oc

my spec

i5 3570k
asrock z68 extreme 3 gen3
corsair vengeance 4x2 8gb
crucial m4 128gb
coolermaster elite 430
coolermaster212 plus

Any help or advice with these gpu's would be grateful
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  1. I would choose the Sapphire model but MSI works great, too. The ASUS DC2 7850 is also another great choice.
  2. can you list that sapphire oc one and msi oc one.:)
  3. ithink this msi one right?


    and this sapphire one


    in both of them i will choose an sapphire one both of them the msi and sapphire has good cooling and overclocking abilitys but now days saphire didnt dissappoint even the msi not which ever one you will get in cheaper price get that one they both are almost same in performance and coling and other stuff.:)
  4. thanks
  5. I have a Sapphire 7850 OCed to 1150mHz, it's really not difficult to OC so I wouldn't bother spending the money for a factory OC.

    As for the cooling, they both have similar systems, and my card has never gone above 70C (it's only hit 70 a couple times, usually 60ish under load) and idles at 29-30C usually.
  6. just ordered sapphire hd7850 OC. $269 what psu do u have or sugguest
  7. thanks for input. I was wondering......

    Is the Corsair HX650 worth the extra $40 its at newegg for $119.

    HX650 is modular and you get 2 extra years warranty (7 total). Also i pretty sure TX650 V2 only has 2 pci express 6+2 . The HX650 has 4 pci express 6+2.

    Can i 3 way crossfire with TX650 V2?

  8. no need to cash extra $40 get the tx 650 it will do the job and it can handle both gpu and cpu overclocked.:)

    goodluck and be happy with your gpu and psu.:)
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