Will an old Sound Blaster 16 play dvds?

I am working on a friends computer that seems to be locking up when playing dvd's. Here is his config

Win 2k SP1
Abit K7TA Mobo (VIA)
Athlon 1 gig Retail
256 MB Crucial PC 133
ATI Xpert 2000
Toshiba 16x DVD
Lite on 16X CD-RW
Creative Labs Modem Blaster
Sound Blaster 16 Sound Card (very old)

The system just locks up when trying to play a DVD with ATI media player. We just put the system together and here is what I am planning on trying.

1. Download new VIA 4 in 1 Drivers
2. Download Win 2k Service Pack 2
3. Download all windows updates
4. Download the new ATI Media Player and Drivers
5. Get a new soundcard.

Could the sound card be causing the lockups? It is very old (around the 1993 era) and is a sound blaster 16. Are they capable of DVD playback? Does ATI have issues with VIA? Any other ideas? BTW it will play the Weezer video off the Win 95 CD fine.


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  1. If you have never installed the VIA 4-in-1, thats the first thing you need to do. If that doesn't work, do everything else in your list except #5. Your sound card should work. You also might want to try to use a different DVD sofware.

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  2. I doubt that it's the soundcard. Make sure you have the latest VIA 4-in-1 drivers installed and that DMA is enabled for all your drives.

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  3. I've had win2k lockup due to a bad codec before. But then, my motherboard (a7v133) doesn't like the old Voodoo2 cards either.

    I'd have to go 50/50 on this one. It could be the program not configured/drivers, or it could be incompatibility with the motherboard. You've got a good plan for troubleshooting, so you might start pricing sound cards if the drivers don't cure the problem.
  4. i've had lock-ups while using video-in. i disabled the irq for pci steering (no idea what it does!) on system for standard pc and it worked.

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  5. i have rage fury pro, btw, which should be the same as yours... i think. :s

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  6. >> The system just locks up when trying to play a DVD with ATI media player

    ATI media pleyir is yer anser, use someting different for DVD pleying.

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  7. Can we find an older post to drag out?

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