Hd6950 vs hd7850 question

i been looking at these two and i was wondering if having hd7850 pci express 3.0 with 1024 stream processors is better than a hd6950 pci express 2.0 with 1408 stream processors?

is it better to have 383 more processors or a gpu with pci express 3.0

which hd7850 would you recommend

asrock z68 extreme3
i5 3570k
corsair vengeance 4x2 8gb 1600
coolermaster 430elite
coolermaster hyper 212
crucial m4 128gb ssd
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  1. hd 7850 perfoms better then that card and overclocks very well it can overclock to hd 6970 level.:)
  2. Agreed to sunnk..!!
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