How to check the processor is in good condition or not

I've Acer aspire 4739z laptop, when I was working with my lap on last Sunday it turned off then it never turned on. When I press power button the power light blinks on and off, it never turned on I checked RAM also but it wont turn on, even I was connected the laptop with charger the blue light only blinks there s no results, it never charge charge and turn on, help me please......
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  1. If the board's out of warranty, it may be time for a new laptop. You can pull your old hardrive out and possibly save your files with a similar system. New laptop motherboards and the installation fee are so high it's often cheaper to start over. You also may have a bad power supply; another reason to buy a brand new one. They're going to be fairly cheap on black friday weekend. Last year walmart had one for $199 if you were willing to stand in line several hours. I waited for a tv.
  2. Try removing the charger, battery and any USB add ons and hold the power button down for 30 seconds or more. This is meant to release all the static build up which usually causes these types of issues.
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