Do I need an i3-3225 or something more powerful?

I'm building a system for a buddy who needs a solid office computer to function primarily as a work computer. He runs a few programs constantly, one of which is a dispatch program that consistently updates (current calls, who is available, when they are completed, etc.). It is called Pulsar Call Management Software, but I am not familiar with it (perhaps someone here is). He also runs a program that is essentially like Google maps, but specific to his work. He will also typically have a drop box open and e-mail (I'm guessing Outlook or something similar). Additionally, he'd like to be able to surf the internet and watch a movie while the work programs are constantly running.

Here's where it gets tricky. Since this is primarily a work computer that needs to be up and running constantly, I'm directing a good portion of the budget to other quality components (PSU, etc.) that I know aren't going to (or at least shouldn't) get overstressed and randomly die. He also doesn't need graphics power, so I was hoping to get away with using the HD4000 graphics on the i3-3225, which will support a dual-monitor system and cover any of his visual needs. However, I can't skimp on the ability of the CPU to handle all of the programs he is going to throw at it.

So in this situation will the i3 cut it or do I need to jump up to one of the quad core options just to be safe?

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. Here's some deals on a board/cpu/ram. A quad core will run about $60 extra, but you can probably get by with the i3. Onboard graphics will work fine for his system requirements. 3470 is $185 with promo code (you have to register with newegg to get this price)

    Microcenter has good specials on the Intel cpus, and a $50 discount on some boards when you purchase select cpus. But they're black friday/cyber monday specials may not include any cpus.
  2. For most people the Intel® Core™ i3 should work well for them. Only when you start to have heavy multi-tasking or multi-threaded work does the Intel Core i3 start to fall behind. So I would say that the Intel Core i3-3225 would work for you.
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