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im finishing my rig this week this will be my final rig

Processor ::I5 - 2500k

VC : : ::EVGA nvdia 560ti superclock

MOther: Asus P8Z68-M Pro Z68/Virtu/ISRT

case :aerocool strike -x

power supply : Huntkey 700w elite
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  1. yeah, you need a better brand power supply
  2. yeah xD i bought that power supply and was disappointed on the wiring it's like out of the world but oh well i'm just gonna use it xD then dispose later if i buy newer one XD
  3. Check the reviews on HardwareSecrets of Huntkey PSUs. Some of their newest ones may be ok, but just about all the older ones die twitching and sparking at well under their labelled rating. You may be putting your nice new system at risk by using it. A quality 500W PSU such as an Antec Earthwatts, Corsair CX, or anything from Seasonic, would be safe choices.
  4. haha aw xD that will hurt if my rig got burn by it. if that happens i will call my lawyer xD
  5. I mean.... its all well and good... to spend more money on a garbage PSU that lies about its rating when you could have bought a quality PSU for less that could actually put out what it said.... Wait what? You shouldn't spend money on a garbage PSU that lies, when you could have spent less to get more power that is actually reliable???

    Well I'll be damned....
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    Picking The Right Power Supply: What You Should Know,2916.html
  7. haha late call my friend already bought the PSU and *** huntkey wiring REALLY REALLY sucks xD. . curse huntkey next time i'll buy corsair xD
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