295 quad to 580 upgrade!

Hello! I would like to ask if it's a worthy upgrade if I switch my 2pcs of EVGA 295 to a Asus 580 DCU II without me adding cash?
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  1. Seems like a good (for you) trade. The gtx 580 is obviously the better card. They're even close to eachother if the SLI scaling is great. IIRC the 295 also doesn't support DX11 while the 580 does.
  2. LOL why 580?when other better options are available?
  3. Okay thanks!! Do you thiink it's also a worthy upgrade if I SLI the 580? I'm sure the prices of these cards will go down once the 600 series of cards hit the shelves. :D
  4. @hellfire because as of the moment, the 600 series of cards are more expensive. and my 295's aren't getting any younger. btw, my 295's don't have warranty and box while the 580 i'm going to trade on has box with warranty.
  5. Ooops. I think I'm gonna add 25$ for shipping. Is it still a good deal? Thanks!
  6. well my brother owns a gtx 580 so i can tell tell the pros and cons of's damn fast,hardly any issues.but it produces a lot of heat,consumes a lot of power,not a good's better to buy a hd 7950.
  7. @hellfire i'm not much of an overclocker. will an asus 580 be enough for a 1080p monitor? power consumption is not much of an issue for me. and I also think na 7950's are still expensive at the moment.
  8. ^for most of the games yes it is enough.a few exceptions where it struggles are metro 2033 and witcher 2.if you are willing to spend $400 then 670 is your best bet.
  9. If you mean you're trading a pair of 295's for a single 580, it's *not* a good trade. A single 295 is almost as fast as a 580; Your SLI setup outperforms one 580 by a wide margin.

    If you *really* want dx11, and don't mind losing performance, go for it, but your SLI'd 295 is the stronger setup.
  10. hang on to those until you can afford a 670 SLI; if you want no performance decrease.
  11. The quad 295 setups are admittedly bad, in some cases even losing performance over a triple card setup. A pair of 295's is good, however.

    a 47% increase in performance for 2 cards over 1 card isn't the great scaling we're used to today, but it still beats a single 580.

    While you will eventually run into microstutter with any 2 card setup, with a pair of 295's the frame rates are still so high it doesn't matter. (unless you're running @2560x1440 or higher :) )
  12. @quilciri, @looniam Hello! I know 295 quads can still kick ass today. But sometimes, microstuttering is an issue for me and some games just don't go well with quad SLI. :( I'm just wondering if asus 580 is more than enough for 1080p games. :) Since I won't be adding any dime (except for shipping) and I can also have peace of mind because it has warranty as well. :D

    @recon-uk, @quil I'm hoping that the asus 580 will be smoother in some games.

    hopefully when the prices of 580's will settle down, I can buy another asus 580 DCU ii at a cheaper price. :)
  13. @recon-uk I hope it's good choice for me! :D I'll settle the deal tomorrow. I'm gonna post some pics as well tomorrow. :) Thanks again! :D
  14. @recon-uk just got my 580 DCU ii! micro-stuttering is gone!! :D i'm really happy with the trade. :) hopefully when the time comes, I'll be SLI-ing this rig! :D Thanks again for the advise! :) Here's some pics.

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  16. sweet rig ;)
  17. thanks hellfire24! :D
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