RAID 0 - bizarre format problem - PLEASE help...

Hello everyone,
I'm in the process of doing a clean install of XP RC1, so I've just done the FDISK thing and made a 2gb

partition for the OS and left the rest (of a total of 40gb) for my apps.
I have 2 Maxtor 20g drives in a RAID 0 on the Asus A7V133 MB. Formating c:\ is not a problem, but when it

comes to formatting d:\ it gets to about 2% and stops.
Says the format is not ready.
Any ideas??
I did get it up to 24% last night before it canned out.
Thanks in advance.

PS: The drives are only a month old.
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  1. What's your IDE config?

    You titled this RAID 0, but say c: =2GB and D: = 40GB. Where is the RAID 0?

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  2. ok - it's a promise ata 100 raid 0 setup. 2 drives (20g maxtor's). what else can i tell ya. i did have it running previously with 1x 1g partition (winME), 1x 2g partition (win2K), and 1x 30 (odd)g partition (apps).
    ran fine.
    clean booted, fdisk'd - removed partitions/logical dos drives etc so i could start from scratch and have 1x 2g for winXP and the rest for my apps.
    that's where i'm at now, done everything i need to in fdisk, just can't format my d: partition.
  3. I assume you've tried chkdsk, scandisk, etc. I also assume you have viewed the partition details (option 4) on fdisk, and everything <i>seems</i> fine.

    I've been looking at an old book, and it suggests cables, DOS version, file system, LBA enabled?

    Sorry. That's about as much as I know.

    Do you get any error codes?

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