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:pt1cable: hello guys i want to know is this thermalright silver arrow is good for my fx 8150 i m not going to oc it but have some temp issues with stock cooler so i m thinking to move too cooler i know it sounds crazy i got this deal from friend with same amount 212 evo price its a second hand and its great in condition

i also have question about in future will be help full for oc or not
and will it block my ram slot too because its huge cooler i have 2 low profile 4 gb corsair 1300mhz ram and one corsair vegeance 4gb will it fitt i also have an corsair 400r mid tower case is this deal good i saw that its similar to nt dh 14 and h100 too i get this in the half of amount as 212 evo new one ca n come :pt1cable:
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  1. If you can get it for the same price as a 212, go for it! Make sure you have a bracket for your motherboard though.

    This may be off topic a little, but I think this would fit you well also if you have space:

    Good luck!
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