Which case should i get

im just going out shopping for a new case and im just having so trouble deciding what case to get. im looking for silence while maintaining reasonable temperatures. all of them are within 5 bucks from each other
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  1. Silent and airflow definitely the 550D,Sound damping foam, 10 fan mounting locations, it looks simple but nice looking.
  2. The 500R has the best thermals of any Corsair case.

    This is a comparison of each case in Anandtech's review. Note that this is OCed performance and not stock.


  3. pretty dam close in acoustics.....
  4. Single GPU, no or low OC - Fractal R3
    Otherwise - 500R

    I really like my 500R but can certainly hear the GPU fan spin up over any other component. Think the R3 would reduce that a lot.
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