Sli between GTX460 and GTX580

Hello Guys

I need info about sli stuff.

I was using an xenon GTX460 1gb GPU. Last week decided and bought winfast GTX580 3gb 3D.

So, what i want to know is can i sli them or not.?
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    no dont sli that card go with the single high end card which will be always an better way to go.:)

    instead of going for an gtx 580 get an gtx 670 its on low price then gtx 580 and gives better performance then gtx 580.:),3200-5.html
  2. No, you can't SLI it. I think the only thing you can do is put the 460 as a dedicated PhysX processing unit. And yes sunnk was right, get a 670 instead of 580 (If you can) :).
  3. thanks for your advises guys. I already bought 580 but i will try to replace it with 670 if i can.
  4. ok goodluck.:)
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