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Looking at two HD7850 cards, both at the same price point (the Sapphire 2Gb OC and Gigabyte 2GB OC models). Both appear to be essentially identical but the biggest difference between them is their memory and core clocks.

Just wondering which of the two I should get based purely on those numbers (ignore cooling, size and all that)

Gigabyte: 975MHz core clock speed, 4.8GHz Memory Clock (effective)
Sapphire: Core clock of 920 MHz and a 5000MHz (effective) memory clock

Assume I'm not going to overclock these as well.
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  1. Quote:
    Core clock will give you much bigger performance gains.

    +1 :D
  2. Yeah the Gigabyte is the better of the the two. Core clock trumps memory. Good luck to you
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  4. Yes but one of the cards might overclock better than the other. Go for the one with the best cooling. Not sure why you'd ignore cooling etc. I would say the Sapphire card could easily get to 975 from where it started. I have a 7950 and I was able to get it to 910 without upping gpu care voltage I'm sure it could do 1GHz no problem. Mine is a sapphire with the dual fan.
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