What should I upgrade?


I'm wondering what i could upgrade to make my pc a bit faster.

My pc is pretty old, around 8 years.

It's a dimension 4550.
2x 512 MB RAM
Nvidia GeForce4 MX420
Intel Pentium 4 (2,4 Ghz)
SoundMAX integrated digital audio.
30GB hard drive + 160GB hard drive
17" monitor
Windows XP

I'm not sure what motherboard I have, but it has AGP slots for a videocard. I really want to make it faster, because I can barely play a youtube video at 360p. My budget is around 200 euros.
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  1. i wouldnt put money into a system that old, instead save up and buy something new or newer used
  2. the only thing worthwhile would be ram, if you can find some second hand.
  3. ^ +1
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  5. Theres not a lot of options left for AGP video cards, there is a few left on tiger direct but the most recent card that you can get for AGP is something in the Radeon 4000 series. I would also see into upgrading the RAM to 2 GB as your system will need as much free memory as possible.
  6. If you can find compatible memory for free, or some cheap amount like a few euros it might help a little.

    But your system is too outdated to be worth upgrading any other way so I suggest you save your cash for a new more cost effective system.
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